Netradyne presents a special offer for Northland customers 

Northland Customers are now offered a special opportunity to sign up for Netradyne’s new partner program:

OFFER ONE: Save up to $300 annually per enrolled vehicle* Bring telematics to your fleet and save on dash camera device and subscription fees.

OFFER TWO: 10% savings on annual premium** Bring telematics to your fleet and save on your Northland insurance premium.

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Proven Safety Results From a 60,000 Truck Study

80% Reduction In Unsafe Events

50% Reduction In Accidents

The Most Advanced AI Dash Cam

HD video and night vision

Simple video recall

Automatic video upload used to exonerate drivers and fleets

Reduction of unknown claims

Optional in-cab (frictionless) audio driver coaching

100 hours of storage 

Protect Your Business From Ligitation

Protect against false claims by capturing 100% of drive time with HD video from the highest camera resolution.

“Driver·i has saved us so much money. They’ve easily paid for themselves five times over just from saving ourselves on litigation costs.”

Vice President Midwest Operations, Altom

Built For Transparency and Privacy 

Drivers can access videos and performance metrics on an easy-to-use app. 

Make your own privacy decisions by choosing to detect risk without recording inward video or by turning it off entirely. 

Recognize Great Driving

Foster a positive culture by automatically recognizing and rewarding GREAT driving with the only camera that understands the context of the road. 

"At first everyone was 50/50, but it’s improved our driving skills so much. Anything you do you want to be great in, especially if you love what you’re doing.”

Rashad Hollis
Driver, STS Recycling

Ready to claim your Driver·i discount?

*Eligible in all states except: AK, AL, CA, FL, GA, HI, IN, LA, ME, MI, MN, ND, NY, OH, OK, PA, SC and WA. Eligible customers will receive a monthly subsidy on the purchase of vendor device and subscription fees equal to the lesser of: (i) 50 percent (50%) of the vendor’s standard device and subscription fees per enrolled vehicle, or (ii) $25 per enrolled vehicle.


**Eligible in IN, MI,MN and OH. Offer available at policy inception and renewal anniversary. Contact your agent for details.


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